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Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station

Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station

    • Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station
    • Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station
  • Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station


    Place of Origin: GUANGZHOU ,CHINA
    ชื่อแบรนด์: YIHUA
    ได้รับการรับรอง: CE
    Model Number: 852D+ brushless fan
    inner box size: 33*27*20.2
    outer carton size: 58*35*63.5
    goods weight: 3.68kg / pcs
    G.W.: 22.1KG / CTN


    Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
    Packaging Details: 1pcs per inner box , 6pcs per outer carton box
    Payment Terms: T/T , PAYPAL , WESTERN UNION



    Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station Feture  


    1.Sensors closed loop , zero-crossing triggering microcomputer temperature control , 2 LED display , temperature accuracy and stability , without the wind effect , demolition real lead-free soldering .

    2.Prompt facility and fault alarm , like machine parts heating elements , circuit board etc. had fault , rework station will alarm fault signal , prompt workers have checked the machine .

    3.Airflow can adjustable , a large amount of gentle wind , temperature regulation , it can adapt to multiple use .

    4.The handle equipped with a sensor switch, as long as the grip handle , thesystem can quickly enter into the working model ; handle back into the handle frame, the system will enter standby mode , real-time operating convenience , meanwhile may be extended heater life .

    5.The system has automatic cold wind feature to extend life and protect the hot air gun .

    6.Use brushless fan , extremely life , low noise, use high-quality heating elements , it durable and effectively extend the service life of heating elements and power savings .

    7.Air gun heating elements use the latest technology ( skeleton type ) , highquality heater production , superior to the similar heater in the market .

    8.Air gun heater use high-quality ceramics heater , heating rapidly and long service life .

    9.ESD design , to prevent electrostatic damage to the delicate SMDcomponents.



    Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station Main Function


    1. SAMSUNG microcomputer control , warming-up quickly.

    2. Adjust the air flow and temperature control rotation .

    3. Refer to the instructions included with three kinds of nozzles ( big , medium and small ) replacement part .

    4. Would replace the part if the resistance value is incorrect .

    5. When the temperature is less than 70 degree , can stop rotation automatically.

    6. Intelligent system that could alarm , Fault detection automatically

    7. High-quality resistance good for long service life

    8. Safe solder QFP , PLCC , BGA and other temperature-sensitive components .

    9. Intelligent detection and cool airflow features .

    10. Green lines and high-quality silicone body heat good for extend life and save power .



    Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station ,Hot Air Rework Station  Technical Data


    Power consumption


    Gun temperature range


     Soldering Iron Temperature range


    Gun type

    Brushless fan  

    Air flow 120L / MIN 

     Soldering Iron type

    Black handle

    Gun heater material


    Soldering Iron heater material

    Common heater

    Gun heater resistance


    Soldering Iron heater resistance




    *What difference for brushless fan and diaphragm pump ?

    diaphragm pump the air are focus , airflow are 24~28L / min . brushless fan the air are soft ,airflow are 120L / min .


    Model NO.

    Inner box


    Outer box



    Prduct weight

    YIHUA 852D+ (brushless fan)







    What's In Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station  Inner Box 


    * main unit + gun + power cord
    * guide
    * soldering iron
    * soldering iron holder
    * 3 nozzles





    Specifications and design subject to change without notice.



    Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station Picture





    These are 220V units , you may need a transformer to use the machine in your country . we also do accept special orders for 110V  /  230V / 240V units .



    Brushless Fan 2 In 1 Soldering Station , Hot Air Rework Station Our Warranty


    *Credit Safeguard


    GuangZhou YiHua Electronic Co,. Ltd  was signed a contract with Alibaba and  paid a large deposit , make buyers feel comfortable buying


    *Factory advantage


    Factory D&R / production / sales / and sales service together.

    Manufactory  sell directly , the goods are in plenty supply , delivery date fast , good compete price You could arrange to ship the goods by your self , or  ask we help you arrange to ship. If  we help you arrange to ship. Before quote the shipping freight , we need to know which model and quantity you are asking. We will according your detail address , order model and quantity to advise  you ship by sea  or , by air , or by Express . As usual , we are using HongKong DHL to ship the small order .


    *Delivery date


    As usual , 1~16pcs are 1~3 days will ship out . Made in time , fresh from the assembly line.

    Over 100~over 500pcs are 20days  will ship out. Over 1000pcs are 30days .

    If the material not enough or we have some customer  queue up our products before you ,

    we will discuss with you the shipping date. If you want the delivery date faster than that day , please inquiry us , we will try to do it as your request.


    *Warranty policy


    One Years warranty

    As usual , the shipping fee are high. if return China to repair are not worth the money. So we could support technology and give you the spare parts along with the product .

    Note warranty does not cover wearing parts , for example iron heater , gun heater , iron tips .


    *Products  discount


    as usual we quote three price for each model sample price , over 60pcs price , over 500pcs price.

    Those price are calculate our produce cost , as you know big order are less margin to sell . we hope take win-win business with both .


    *Warm-heart  note


    1.If products upgrade or quality improve to change the technique parameter , the factory will not further notice.

    2.If the customer haven't special request , the product in accordance with factory's setting quality standards to produce.




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